''If you coach others, you need your own video platform''

(Without Paying for Hidden Fees or Updates)

Are you selling your courses for a low price?

Why not charge full price?

In addition to hurting your business, selling your courses for 3.99$ hurts your reputation as well.   

Even though many people spend countless hours creating their own videos for clients, they do not charge enough for them. If you're going to showcase your expertise for only a couple of bucks, what's the point?

Your reputation is built on how your clients perceive you, so a 5 dollar price tag doesn't do you justice. Furthermore, a search bar cannot distinguish between you and your competitors in the course business. There will always be people who will not take your course because there are many others to choose from.

You can establish your brand and your reputation while offering your clients a noise-free experience with an Independent Video Course Platform. There is only you and your clients.

Our platform, instructions, and support will ensure your course is implemented into your business smoothly.

Landing Page

Headers, footers, and even fonts can be customized to match your style. Your site only displays your courses. Check out our demo website, where you can see how your courses would look: www.video.funneltogo.com

Easy To Use

We designed our platform to make it easy for our clients to use.

Unlimited Clients

You can expand your brand even if you only make one course. We let your business grow rapidly.


Our platform allows you to upload your lessons to any server of your choice. Your content will be safe and will load even faster this way.

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Unlimited Lessons

With every course you get unlimited lessons. No limitations to getting your point across in your course for your clients to understand the topic completely.

0% Fees

Once you get started, you won't be charged anything. Profits will always be yours alone.

Still not sure?

You can get started with uploading one course to our platform FOR FREE!

No hidden fees or commissions. If you like it you keep it.

Build your brand

Grow your business

Reach more customers

''If you coach others, you need your own video platform''

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