​Do I upload my videos directly to your platform?

No. A video streaming platform is a demanding project and for now we do not intend to go down this path. There are several options on the market for video streaming (youtube, amazon, etc.). We use and also recommend bunny.net. Through them, you can display your video content on our platform easily and securely. Most importantly, they are extremely affordable.

​What are the time limits of using the platform for my clients?

We are currently working on entering the desired number of days of use. For example, if you enter 365 days, your customer will have 365 days to view your video training.

​Is it possible to have the platform in any other language?

Yes. The platform is basically made for multilingualism. Currently it is in ENG and SLO language. Other languages will be added on a regular basis, depending on demand.

​I would like to use the platform under my own domain. Is this possible?

Not at the moment. But it is a part of our plan. From personal experience, I can say that this is not so important. I was selling my video training for a couple of years, located on the Thinkifick platform under a weird URL, but there was no problem.

​I already have a number of customers and would like to move them to your platform. Is this possible?

Yes. I did the same thing myself. It is best to invite all your customers to register on the new platform. Then add video content to them as desired.

​Can a customer buy my video program directly on the platform I set up?

Yes. Currently, the payment is possible with PayPal or directly to the bank account. We will soon add a card system. If the customer pays directly to the bank account, you must activate it manually. But if through PayPal, however, everything is automated.

​What about the landing page. Can I change it?

Currently, the landing page is fixed and you can only change the content, header and footer. We will be adding new templates as we go along. But basically things are done simply and intuitively:

  • Your presentation video
  • Choosing and buying a course
  • About the author (your image and BIO)
  • Comments on education.
​Other platforms offer many additional options. Yours, however, is pretty simple.

I'm an advocate of the Keep it simple. Each additional feature takes my software team a certain number of hours. And here we always wonder if it makes sense. Will this increase your sales? Will your clients have anything more from that?

If we look at the matter through an anecdote:

What does famous chef Gordon Ramsay do when he saves restaurants on the brink of collapse?

Reduces their menu. Sometimes from 80-90 dishes to 10 to 15 dishes.

Keep it simple. However, many people adhere to the principle "why easy, if it can be complicated"

''If you coach others, you need your own video platform''

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